What is the Difference Between Maintenance and Repair

smog_emissions_starFor any vehicle owner, the distinction between auto maintenance and auto repair is critical to ensuring a long and healthy life for their preferred method of transportation. Both are essential in the smooth operation of a vehicle, but the terms are often confused for one another, which can lead some owners to pay more than they should over time.

Auto maintenance is a broad term that covers regular and preventative actions taken to help keep a car that is running properly stay running. This maintenance can include things such as oil changes, transmission flushes, as well as annual inspections and tire rotations. All of these services help to keep a car that is running smoothly stay that way, and help prevent the need for auto repair.

Auto repair is what is necessary when a vehicle has a failure of some kind… be it a broken fan belt, failed spark plugs, steering issues or braking problems. In these cases, it is necessary to repair or replace damaged parts in order to make a vehicle road-worthy once again.

By ensuring regular auto maintenance is performed on a vehicle, an owner can lower their need for auto repairs.

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ALL BMW N62 V8 Engines 2002-2007 – BMW Coolant Pipe Repair




Coolant will be leaking from hole in front of timing cover (located close to water pump towards passenger side). In front timing cover, the hole is approx: one quarter inch in diameter.


Rubber seal on aluminum cooling tube has failed. Coolant is leaking into back area of engine timing cover and out of hole.


Replacing this seal/tube is a very, very big job and very expensive. Typically a $7000 to $9000 job at a BMW Dealer. The repair procedure according to BMW NA is to completely remove the engine from the vehicle, remove the cylinder heads and basically tear the engine down to the block and pistons to get to this pipe.


Install a well enginered collaspable tube by All German Auto rather than a disassemble of most of the engine.

This repair is fairly stright forward as veiwed in the pictures to the left. After the intake manifold is removed and the valley pan plate is removed the cavity that houses the failed coolant tube is exposed. We place a paper floor mat under the coolant tube to catch the aluminium filings from cutting thru the tube and drilling a hole in the front portion of the tube. The rear portion of the tube comes out fairly easily. The front portion needs a little more help. After all of the coolant tube is removed we clean the seal mating surfaces where the new tube will expand into with a special rotary brush and then completely cleaned and lubricated with a silicon paste to accept the replacement expandable cooling tube. With the cooling tube installed, we refill the coolant system and pressure check for leaks while still disassembled. Just a precaution to ensure all has gone well. Then the engine is re-assembled.

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