Timing Belt Repair

Timing Belt Repair

t-beltReplacing your timing belt doesn’t have to be a “mid life crisis” for you or your vehicle. But it is an investment that you should expect and plan your budget for. Not all engines have a timing belt, some have a timing chain. Not all engines will be seriously damaged when the timing belt brakes. But all broken timing belts will leave you and your car or truck stranded and may increase the expense of replacement. So it is very important to be proactive and replace your timing belt at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals.

Although the timing belt has a recommended replacement interval, there are other components inside the area which should be inspected while the belt is being replaced. Many engines also have a water pump, tensioner bearing, hydraulic tensioner, idler bearings, and front engine seals that should be inspected and addressed at the same time. The timing belt keeps the top part of the engine in perfect mechanical time with the lower part of the engine. The life of the timing belt and engine depend heavily on these other components. Many shops will quote the replacement of the timing belt to phone shoppers but will neglect mentioning these other items until the belt has been removed. This is how many shops get client to come in on a “cheap” price only to hold the client over a barrel later once the area is apart. The reality is that some or all of the components inside the timing belt area will also need attention. You should always budget for additional items ahead of time so that you will have the finances to make good choices when the repair shop calls you back with the inspection results.

We are an honest shop and always keep our clients informed about what they can expect before a job is scheduled. While your vehicle is in our care for the timing belt replacement, our certified technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle from front to rear and provide you with a detailed visual inspection report of any findings on the overall condition of your vehicle. When we remove the timing belt, our technician will inspect the accessory drive belts, water pump, idler bearings, tensioner bearings, tensioner, and front engine seals. If a component is “OK” we’ll let you know that replacement would be under “preventive maintenance.” If a component is showing signs of wear or leakage and we know that it will not make it to the next timing belt replacement interval, (in other words, you’ll be in there again pre-maturely), we will let you know that the component is a “recommended replacement” item and should be addressed now. We will even pause the progress and show you what is going on inside the area so you can get a better perspective. As with all options, the choice is always up to the client. We do not pressure sell like many other shops do. We are only here to give our client the education he/she needs to make a sound decision that fits their priorities and budget. Either way, our clients deserve an honest and clear assessment of the condition of their vehicle.

When we do replace your timing belt and/or other components, we will only use quality parts that we would use on our own vehicles and that can stand up to our nation wide 2 year 24,000 mile warranty! We will not compromise on the quality of our parts. It just is not worth it. Sometimes cheaper parts sound good at the time, but they will almost always fail prematurely and add unnecessary expense and head ache later down the road. So do yourself a favor and do it right the first time using quality parts and certified technicians. Come to Marine Express Lube for all of your San Rafael timing belt repair needs.

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